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You are Born Genius!!

Would you like to remember anything and recall as and when you want?

Do you wait for an IDEA to “click” or you generate new IDEA as and when you want?

Do you want to know why Mind Maps are called Language of Mind and how to use it?

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You are Born Genius





You are Born Genius




You Are Born Genius Workshop Covers the 4 Core Pillars of Mind

Speed Reading

The proven techniques to read in less than half time with better focus and higher comprehension rate.

Memory Techniques

Memory is the no. 1 quality of confident people. Learn the right techniques behind Remembering and Recalling.

Mind Maps

Learn how to structure, organize, memorize, arrange, brainstorm and learn information in a highly specialized way.

Creative Thinking

Get the the ability to find hidden patterns, to make connections, and to generate ideas and solutions. 

If you are looking forward to learn how to use proven TECHNIQUES to accelerate your LEARNING GROWTH, and reduce the time of acquiring NEW SKILLS or looking for creating a MARKETING EDGE for yourself, your product or services, then, you are Welcome to this Intensive Training where you will get the following benefits.

# Speed Reading: Improve your focus and comprehension while reading. Doubling Your Speed is our Guarantee within workshop.

# Mind Mapping: Learn the language of mind and enhance your ability to recall, generating Ideas and brainstorming for any topic.

# Annual Membership of Being Genius Club: Group of Like minded people to learn and Grow together. 

# Personalized Annual Reading Plan: Make strategy for your personal reading plan. Know what you need to read and where to find that material. 


# Memory Techniques : Remember and Recall anything whenever you need it. Understand, How your brain recall and forget.

# Creative Thinking: Be innovative in everything you do. Generate the ideas whenever you need them, no need to wait for them to appear. 

# Accountability Partner: A partner who would ensure you practice the learning and live your genius.

# Personalized  Memorizing Calendars: No more hassle in memorizing events, important dates, and long number sequences.  


Price of the Workshop: 20,550/- + Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Speed Reading work for me?

Yes, If you can read, any language, then you will be able to speed read as well.

Will I build up some confidence in using these techniques?

Yes, You will be able to use these techniques confidently within workshop.

What is the use of mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a visual information management tool that helps us structure, organize, memorize, arrange, brainstorm, and learn information in a highly specialized way.


Can student also join this workshop?

Yes, Students of 10 year old or more can join along with their parents. Students 15 year old or more can join independently.

Will there be any post workshop support?

Yes, Along with workshop you will get one year membership of “Being Genius Club”. In Club you will receive the support along with one Accountable partner. 

Will I get certificate of workshop?

Yes, You will receive the certificate for “You are Born Genius” workshop.



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