Know Our Trainers

Rahul Sharma

Rahul Sharma is a Certified Trainer and Genius Mind Coach. Rahul is life enthusiast who love exploring different dimensions of life along with Yoga, Meditation, Reading and Travelling.

Rahul Loves creating different learning methods to empower people with the right tools and techniques, to accelerate their learning curve and make the journey easy and fun.

Rahul is Trainer, Author, Coach and a Key note Speaker.  

Arunee Charaschanya

My life’s mission is to provide guaranteed, measurable and sustainable results in personal development. I’m here to train, coach all individuals to unleash their superbrains, increase their creativity skills, learn to speed-read and improve their memory. My passion is to blend mind capability, soft skills, leadership growth to create a unique personal brand for all the individuals.
I want to empower everyone with the techniques that I have learned as I believe that every human is a genius. We all are capable of many amazing things provided we learn and explore our full potential.