What will you learn?

– Why most people do not read and how to get over it
– How to easily finish a book in one sitting
– The role of your eyes and brain while reading
– Possibility of Speed Reading with a much better understanding
– Memory techniques to remember what you read
– How anybody can have a fantastic memory
-Role of Creative thinking
– The Art of Generating Ideas
– Right when you need them
– How to use your reading to become more creative and innovative
– The slow & the fast brain
– Whole brain thinking
– The power of mind maps, and much more…

By attending this seminar you will know:

  1. Despite having a wonderful brain, why most people are stressed.
  2. How YOU actually have a fantastic memory and own a Genius Mind.
  3. How you can generate ideas as and when you need them in 60 Seconds
  4. The role of Thinking and Memory in your day to day life.
  5. How you can actually read a 100 books in a year with Speed Reading.
  6. The power of Mind Maps ….and much more.

Date: 2nd July 2017
Time: 9am – 6pm
Hotel Octave Suites
Residency Road



Education systems around the world primarily only test our MEMORY. And all organizations around the world expect employees to be creative and innovative.

Yet nobody explicitly teaches you how to use your Memory and Thinking. Seminars and workshops like these fill an important gap in your learning. You will be surprised at what you get to know

-The workshop is open for everybody from 10 years to 127 years.

-Learn with us in a fun filled environment

This would be the Best Gift you would ever give to yourself and your loved once.