Sunil Roy is a trainer, author and entrepreneur, An Arbiter at World Memory Championship.

Sunil trains on Genius Mind, Personal Mastery and Business Strategies. He has been certified by Tony Buzan on mind maps the Inventor of Mind Maps and certified trainer to train globally by T Harv Eker & Blair Singer. An alumni of Indian Institute of Managment, Calcutta.

Sunil has complied his learning from his rich experience of over 20 years and various programs of Robin Sharma, Dale Carnegie, Vikranth Chaphekar and Alex Mandosian. Has developed the unique modules, which has helped people recognise their potential and become the best in their field of work. For Personal mastery and Business persons.

Sunil believes every human is Genius it is just that they themselves may not know their potential. Sunil vision is to “Empower every human to explore their potential and live successful life”.